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Housing Growth Remains Sluggish in Most Markets

On Wednesday, Freddie Mac released its monthly Multi-Indicator Market Index (MiMi) showing mixed signals for the U.S. housing market, with most markets struggling to improve at a pace faster than a slow crawl. Despite declining mortgage delinquencies, improving local employment, house price gains, and attractive mortgage rates, most housing markets remain weak due to weak home purchase mortgage applications.

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Business Shrinks Uninterrupted at Freddie Mac

Freddie Mac's total mortgage portfolio decreased at an annualized rate of 2.1 percent in May, the company revealed in its latest volume summary. Purchases and issuances totaled $19.5 billion in May, down slightly from April’s figure of $19.8 billion. As of the end of May 2014, purchases and issuances totaled $91.8 billion.

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Fannie’s Book Shrinks for Fifth Straight Month

Fannie Mae's book of business shrank again in April, continuing an uninterrupted streak of declines that started at the end of 2013. According to the enterprise's volume summary report, the book's total value contracted in April at a compound negative growth rate of 2.7 percent. As of April 30, the book's value was an estimated $3.14 trillion.

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Freddie’s Portfolio Shrinks Despite Increased Business

After sinking steadily for the last 10 months, new business activity has picked up a bit for Freddie Mac—though that didn't stop its portfolio from shrinking again. The mortgage giant released Wednesday its volume summary for April, recording a negative annualized growth rate of 3.0 percent for its total mortgage portfolio. It was the highest rate of contraction since October, when the portfolio shrank at a rate of 6.4 percent.

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Fannie Mae’s Book Declines at Annualized Rate of 2.2% in Q1

Fannie Mae’s book of business declined for the first three months of this year, ending the first quarter with a monthly compound annualized rate of -1.8 percent. Over the first quarter, the GSE’s book of business declined at a compound annualized rate of 2.2 percent. Fannie’s gross mortgage portfolio has also been on the decline over the first three months of this year, though at a much slower rate in March than in the first two months of the year.

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Freddie Mac’s Portfolio Shrinks at Fastest Rate This Year

Freddie Mac’s mortgage portfolio has declined in each of the first three months of this year with the fastest annualized decline in March, according to the GSE’s latest monthly volume summary. Freddie’s mortgage portfolio declined at an annualized rate of 2.9 percent in March. The last time the GSE’s portfolio grew was in December, when it demonstrated an annualized growth rate of 0.4 percent.

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New Business Slips to Five-Year Low at Fannie

Fannie Mae reported further contraction in its book of business for February—the second this year and the third in as many months—as new business acquisitions dropped to a five-year low. According to the enterprise’s monthly volume summary for February, business shrank at a compound annual rate of 1.4 percent, bringing the book’s total growth rate for the year to -2.4 percent.

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New Business Keeps Shrinking at Freddie Mac

Freddie Mac’s book of business declined during both of the first two months of this year with an annualized growth rate of -2.2 percent during the month of February, according to the GSE’s monthly volume summary. Year-to-date, the annualized growth rate for Freddie Mac’s portfolio is -2.0 percent, on par with the growth rate of -2.1 percent reported for the year in 2013.

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