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Bank of America Reports Record Earnings in Q1

Growing consumer activity and a solid U.S. economy spurred a record growth in earnings for Bank of America in the first quarter of 2018, that exceeded market expectations. How did it’s lending business perform? Click through to learn more.

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The Home Appreciation Trade-Off

A new study found that a typical U.S. homeowner is gaining just a little less than the federal minimum wage, in home equity every working hour. Is it then a good idea to sit back and collect substantial hourly home equity “earnings” instead of working from 9-5?

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Freddie Mac Sees Decline, Pays $2.2B to Treasury

According to the enterprise’s recent financial results, Freddie Mac posted a net income of $2.2 billion for Q1 and will pay as much in dividends to the U.S. Treasury. The income is lower than Q4 2016, as are the agency’s single-family revenues, purchase volumes, and mortgage-related investments. Freddie attributed these declines to largely steady interest rates and low market spreads.

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BNY Mellon, S&T Share Q1 Earnings

BNY Mellon and S&T Bancorp both released their Q1 earnings reports on Thursday. Together, they represent a mixed bag of insights—particularly for the mortgage industry. While BNY Mellon’s residential mortgage earnings were down, S&T’s were up—both over the quarter and the year.

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