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The Week Ahead: The Search for More Money

The headline number for the June jobs report—287,000 jobs created—was impressive, especially compared to May's dismal showing. But areas that are critical for housing, such as wage growth, still need work.

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The Week Ahead: A Very Important Employment Situation

The start of 2016 has seen slowdowns in many key economic areas. Many in the mortgage industry are anxiously awaiting the results behind the first employment summary of 2016, which will come out on Friday. Will job growth continue its momentum into 2016?

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Is Solid Jobs Report Enough for a Rate Hike?

"This should put to bed any doubts about whether the Fed will announce a rate increase later this month. Barring something completely out of left field between now and then, liftoff will commence with a quarter-point rate increase to the target federal funds rate." - Curt Long, Chief Economist for the National Association of Federal Credit Unions

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