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Overall Mortgage App Volume Falls to 27-Year Low

Despite a slight dip in mortgage rates, the MBA reports that mortgage application volume has fallen to lows last reported in December 1996, as rates and housing inventory continue to serve as major barriers to entry into the housing market.

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Mortgage Rates Bump Up to 21-Year High

Hitting levels last recorded in 2001, Freddie Mac reports the fixed-rate mortgage at 7.23% this week, forcing more prospective buyers to back to the sidelines and pushing purchase activity to a 28-year-low.

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Home Builder Confidence Wanes in August

After seven straight months of positive sentiment in builder confidence, mortgage rates exceeding the 7% mark, as well as high shelter inflation, have eroded housing affordability and put a damper on consumer demand.

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Mortgage Rates Hit Highest Point Since Spring 2002

Not since spring of 2002 have fixed-rate mortgages been as high as they were reported this week, and when combined with mortgage app volume sliding for the fourth straight week, affordability headwinds continue to impact housing demand.

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Mortgage Rates Push Slightly Upward

Freddie Mac reports mortgage rates still in excess of the 6.75% mark, as home buyers are increasingly turning to new construction to secure a home, and home builders are responding by picking up the rate of construction.

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