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A Decline in Credit Supply


A new report revealed the factors driving a decline in mortgage credit availability while breaking down credit across various loan categories.

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Just How Available Is Mortgage Credit?

Mortgage credit access is expanding, but the data sometimes gives a misleading picture of who’s getting mortgages and from where. Here’s what a report focusing on mortgage denial rates found.

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Mortgage Credit Availability Dips, Government Loans Fall Most

The availability of mortgage credit has dropped more than a full percent over the last month, indicating lenders are continuing to tighten their credit standards. Overall mortgage credit availability fell 1.1 percent in May and 0.2 percent in April. Broken down by loan type, government credit availability saw the biggest drop, falling 1.9 percent over the month. Conforming credit dipped 0.3 percent, while conventional and jumbo credit availability headed the other direction, rising 0.2 percent and 0.8 percent, respectively. Jumbo loan credit availability, which has risen 13 out of the last 15 months, has helped to offset falling credit availability in other sectors.

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