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Owning a Home vs. Buying Difficulties


American homeowners don't seem to like the buying process, a new study finds. Click through to learn which generation of homeowners found the journey from being a homebuyer to an owner most difficult.

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Appraisal Values vs. Homeowner Perceptions


A recent report found that the gap between homeowner perceptions of their home’s value and appraisal values was less than half a percent. Here are the factors that are bridging the value perception gap.

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Homebuyer Optimism Surges

Consumer sentiment has grown positive about the current homebuying season, with an increasing number of homebuyers saying they’re confident about home prices remaining stable.

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Millennials: Now’s the Time to Buy

A new report shows that most millennials believe now is a good time to buy a home—and more than half of them are actually ready to take the plunge. About 51 percent of those surveyed said they are either extremely likely or very likely to buy within the next year. According to experts, impending mortgage rate hikes are likely causing the uptick in urgency. Still, roadblocks like scarce inventory and a lack of knowledge around the homebuying process could pose a problem for millennials.

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Millennials: Want to Buy, Forced to Rent

The rate of homeowners in the U.S. has reached a historic low. Many question if the largest living generation, millennials, will purchase homes at similar rates to previous generations. Apartment List’s annual renter survey included input from 24,000 millennials, which they analyzed to better understand millennial homeownership plans.

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