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Price Increases Complicating the Homebuying Process

While the average U.S. state experienced more than a 3% increase in home prices last year, a new study from the New Jersey Real Estate Network revealed the states where prices rose the highest in 2023 and how it affected prospective homebuyers.

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Buyers Looking Forward to Homeownership in 2024

According to a new Realtor.com survey, while 2024 is expected to remain a challenging year for homebuyers, nearly all first-time homebuyers overwhelmingly feel that they’ll be able to afford a home within their lifetime.

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Mortgage Payments Dip as Lock-In Effect Eases

More home sellers are listing their homes in the New Year, according to a new Redfin report, as mortgage applications tick upwards from last year’s levels while monthly housing payments decline from their all-time high recorded in October 2023.

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How Many U.S. Households Are Considered ‘House Poor’?

According to a new Creditnews report, the number of American households considered "house poor" varies by state, with 17 exceeding the national average, as housing affordability continues to put financial pressure on prospective homebuyers and homeowners alike.

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