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Appraisal Opinions Clash with Homeowners’

Homeowners try to get every penny they can for their property, but appraisers are preparing them for a rude awakening. While home values aren’t meeting the expectations of their owners, new data shows they continue to rise.

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Appreciation Driving $4.7T Equity Economy

With nearly $5 trillion available to borrowers, the equity economy is at an 11-year high, according to a new report by Black Knight. Fewer borrowers are underwater on the heels of a strengthening appreciation market, and refis are nearly half of all new loans. More than two-thirds of tappable equity is in the hands of borrowers with low-rate mortgages.

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Analysis: Better Schools, Housing Prices Require Longer Commutes

For families wanting affordable housing and great school districts, an analysis by the New York Times shows it’s going to require a longer commute. There are suburban “sweet spots,” the article posits, but they’re further out from cities like Boston, Chicago, and New York. Lexington, Massachusetts, was just one of these sweet spots mentioned.

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