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Homebuilders to Benefit From Looser Lending Standards

Loosening credit standards, demographics, pent-up demand, and attractive affordability and housing valuations are on track to promote a healthier housing market for the rest of 2015 in the homebuilding and construction sectors, according to an analysis from Fitch Ratings released Wednesday.

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EVP of Auction.com Discusses June Housing Data and its Impact on the Market

Rick Sharga, EVP of Auction.com, discusses the June housing data and its impact on the overall market in a recent video released by the company. In the video, Sharga talks about the positive results seen in existing home sales, new home sales, and home price data. He questions whether this means the housing market is fully recovered and concludes that the market has not completely recovered and is still improving from previous years.

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Millennials Favor Single-Family Homes when Establishing Households

Millennials are leaning toward single-family homes when browsing the housing market. A recent analysis from Fannie Mae titled “Rent or Own, Young Adults Still Prefer Single-Family Homes” determined that householders aged 25-34 were more likely to occupy a single-family home in 2013 than in 2006, during the peak of the last housing cycle.

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Expert Analyzes Housing Market Strength in Oil Metros

Housing market watchers have been waiting to see what will happen in parts of the U.S. with heavy oil-related employment, according to CoreLogic’s report on their Insights Blog titled “Housing Market Strength in Oil Metros, Equity Position of Texas Oil Metros is Strong.” Between the fall of 2014 and this spring, oil prices fell 42 percent causing those who consistently monitor the housing market to wonder about the effect that this will have on the real estate industry.

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Research Says Construction is Prepping for a 15-Year Growth Spurt

Construction is the key to a positive long-term outlook for the housing market. It is likely the most important facet of the industry and can be a determining factor of a slowly recovering housing market. In an article titled “New Home Construction Is Gearing Up for a 15-Year Boom. Who's Ready?” author John Burns, CEO of John Burns Real Estate Consulting, did research on the rate of construction over the next 15 years and came up with data that determines how to meet the overwhelming housing demand.

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National Home Cash Sales Drop for March

For the 27th consecutive month, cash sales made have fallen to 34.6 percent of total home sales nationally in March 2015, down from 39 percent in March 2014, according to CoreLogic data released today.

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