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High Housing Costs Drove Relocation in 2022

As homebuyers nationwide face inflationary home prices, those who purchased a home relocated at an unprecedented rate in Q4, as elevated mortgage rates and economic uncertainty drove many homebuyers to more affordable areas.

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More Homeowners Report the Intent to Move Between Metros

“With a recession looming and household expenses high, many people can’t afford to buy a home in an expensive area and/or want to save money in case of an emergency, which makes relocating somewhere more affordable an attractive option,” said Redfin Economics Research Lead Chen Zhao.

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Housing Migration’s Effect on Polling Data

Early in the pandemic, many made the decision to leave urban centers in favor of the suburbs and beyond. But according to Redfin, those who moved took not only their belongings but also their voting preferences too, turning some counties from red or blue to purple.

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