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Survey Shows Millennials Not Entering Housing Market

Student loan debt, a slow lag in finding employment, and wage stagnation were cited as some of the reasons why millennials have yet to enter the housing market in record numbers. About 70 percent of students walked away with loan debt in 2013 and the average student racks up almost $30,000 in debt by graduation, according to an annual report on loan debt released by the Institute for College Access and Success.

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Many Millennials Opting for Homeownership Over Marriage

When it comes to major life milestones, mortgages come before marriages for a large number of millennials, according to data released Friday. In a recent survey conducted by Redfin, 38 percent of Americans age 18–34 say they either would or have put off a wedding or honeymoon in favor of saving to buy a home.

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Home Sales, Housing Starts Expected to See Significant Growth in 2015

Employment grew at a rate higher than the national average (3 percent, as opposed to 2 percent) for the 25 to 29 age group, which is good news for housing, because this age group is the key first-time homebuyer segment. Steadily falling oil prices, which are down 45 percent since June, provide more economic growth tailwind going into next year. The drop in oil prices reduces energy-related expenses not just for driving, but for residential real estate also, according to Khater.

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Analysts: Don’t Count Millennials Out Yet

Despite concerns about their current presence, millennials still have a major role to play in shaping the housing market in the coming years, researchers assert in a new report from the Demand Institute (TDI). Based on an analysis of economic and consumer research over the last 18 months, TDI predicts the number of households headed by millennials will reach 21.6 million by 2018, representing an increase of 8.3 million since 2013.

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Report: Most Markets Still Affordable for Debt-Burdened Grads

RealtyTrac's latest report on housing affordability shows that 96 percent of U.S. housing markets are still affordable for recent graduates making the median household income, even those with student loans. RealtyTrac found that the minimum amount of income needed to purchase a median-priced home, with and without student loans, was feasible in 475 out of 494 counties with a population of at least 100,000.

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Study: Underwater Gen-Xers Holding Down Housing

According to Zillow's latest Negative Equity Report, high negative equity among Gen-X homeowners is causing gridlock in the U.S. housing market. Nearly 43 percent of homeowners between 35 and 49 are underwater on their mortgages. In contrast, only 15 percent of millennial homeowners (those between 20 and 34 years old) and 31 percent of baby boomers (50 to 64 years old) are underwater.

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Are Rising Student Loans Really Stifling Homeownership?

One of the pet reasons for explaining the lack of demand for houses among millennials is the presence of ever-escalating student loan debts. The thinking goes that college graduates are so mired in debt that they either cannot afford to buy or are too afraid to run up more debt. However, Mark Fleming, chief economist at CoreLogic, isn't buying it.

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