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Streamlining the Mortgage Process

On Friday, February 9, MountainView Financial Solutions presented its monthly mortgage servicing rights (MSR) seminar, featuring Tim Rood, Chairman of The Collingwood Group, LLC. Rood presented a webinar ...

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Housing Starts Surge

Housing starts are on the rise around the country, particularly in the Northeast. But how is the rest of the country faring?

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Lay Down Your ARMs

With the LIBOR index is going away, U.S. consumers could face a future without adjustable-rate mortgages. So why would lenders write mortgages against an index that will soon not exist? They’re asking that question too.

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The Pros and Cons of Trump’s Tax Plan on the Housing Market

Because of the need to establish this fiscal balance, the road to achieve Trump’s proposals will be long and rocky, and will require the hard work and cooperation of both sides of the aisle. This proposal has also raised many questions about what Trump’s plan would mean for the housing market. Due to the current lack of detail in his proposed outline, it is difficult to accurately predict the impact a tax system overhaul of this magnitude would have on the economy.

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High Rate of Performing Loans Spells a Healthy Market

According to a new report, both 30-day delinquencies and 90-day delinquencies are down over the year, and foreclosure inventory has dropped. Only 5 percent of mortgages are 30 or more days delinquent, a dip from February 2016’s 5.5 percent. Loans 90 or more days delinquent are down too, falling from 2.8 percent to 2.2 percent year over year. The number of homes currently at some stage of the foreclosure process dropped from 1.1 percent to 0.8 percent.

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