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Housing Market Strength is the Key to Robust Economy

Commentary is an ongoing series on theMReport.com that focuses on opinions, ideas, and insights from experts across mortgage banking. Recovery in the housing market is said to be the key to a robust economic in America. Lou Giserman of The Collingwood Group discusses how continuing improvement in the housing market, which has yet to fully recover from the recession, is giving the economy a much-needed boost.

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Charting the Course

The stormy days of the housing meltdown may have passed, but is it all calm waters ahead? The industry’s top economists foresee some unpredictable tides as 2016 approaches. Editor's note: This select print feature appears in the November 2015 edition of MReport magazine, available now.

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Study: Household Formations Now at Pre-Recession Levels

The study was conducted authored by Gary Painter, director of USC's Lusk Center for Real Estate, and doctoral candidate Jung Hyun Choi, to determine how long declines in household formation would last following a major economic shock such as a drop in employment that occurred during the recession.

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