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Student Loans vs. First Mortgage

A CFPB study analyzing student loan repayment and broader household borrowing found a strong correlation between the time that young Americans pay off their student loans and buy a home. Click through to learn how the repayment of one loan impacts taking another.

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Many Students Struggling to Afford Housing

It’s a well known fact: college students are broke. With skyrocketing tuition costs and loans in the tens of thousands, finding adequate housing can be near impossible for many college students, and some may find it increasingly difficult to pay for housing.

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CFPB: Student Loan Complaints Tie to Homeownership

A recent report takes a look at typical complaints logged against student loan lenders. Included was being able to afford a mortgage. MReport explores the link between rising student debt and the struggle millennials have to become homeowners.

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Where Student Loan Repayment is Easiest for Young Homebuyers

Student loans are a heavy burden on young adults, and some may find it hard to buy a home with that weight hanging over them. A report from Lendedu attempted to ease this burden with a ranking of U.S. cities where student loan repayment is easiest. The New York Fed noted that student loan debt has begun to level off, though still remain at a high level. These new homeowners may find it easiest to buy a home in Mount Sterling, Illinois, which sits at the top of Lendedu’s list

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Student Loans Not Affecting Credit Access of Millennials

A TransUnion study discovered that in spite of the rises in student-loan balances for the past decade, younger consumers have not allowed loan obligations to hinder repayment of other credit-related items such as auto loans and mortgages when compared with peers with no student loans. These findings place a contradiction on the belief that student debt is preventing young adults from accessing credit.

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Household Debt Climbs in Q4, Led by Mortgages

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York said Tuesday that outstanding household debt increased $117 billion from the third quarter of last year to the fourth, putting total indebtedness at about $11.8 trillion as of the end of 2014. Balances went up across most categories, led by a $39 billion increase in mortgage debt to a total of $8.2 trillion.

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