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Are Non-QM Loans the New Subprime?

Many have feared the recent growing popularity in nonqualified mortgage loans could indicate another crisis is on the horizon, but are these worries warranted? New research released Thursday looks at the link between non-QM and subprime loans. Are they similar enough to spell another crash? Thursday’’s report has some interesting findings.

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Report: U.S. Attorneys Set Sights on Former Countrywide Exec

U.S. attorneys in Los Angeles are reportedly preparing a civil lawsuit against former Countrywide Financial CEO and co-founder Angelo Mozilo for his alleged role in the subprime boom that led to a financial meltdown. Mozilo continues to be defiant, denying any culpability and saying in a recent deposition that that he had "no regrets" in the way that he managed Countrywide.

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Analysts Warn of ‘Next Generation’ of Subprime Lenders

Regulators have recently moved to curb growth at non-bank servicers amid concerns about their practices—and that might actually be for the best, say analysts for Moody's Investors Service. At the same time, they worry that companies might attempt to offset any slowdown in growth by shifting business models and originating non-prime mortgages, “a net credit negative.”

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Report: Wells Fargo Setting Sights Back on Subprime

Wells Fargo is reportedly looking to return to the subprime market by bringing in customers with credit scores as low as 600, according to Reuters. Lenders venturing back into the high-risk loans market are even using a subtle marketing trick to assuage fear and spur demand—subprime loans become "another chance mortgages" or "alternative mortgages," shedding the stigmatized "subprime" label, the report says.

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Loan Officers Report Rising Demand for Non-Traditional Loans

According to the Federal Reserve's latest quarterly Senior Loan Officers Opinion Survey, a net 3.1 percent of lenders responding said demand for "non-traditional" residential loans increased from the survey released three months ago and a net 25 percent of respondents said demand for loans from sub-prime borrowers was higher than it was in May. At the same time, a net 6.3 percent of lenders said they had eased lending terms and standards for non-traditional mortgage loans.

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Equifax: Rising Employment Leads to Decline in Subprime Credit

Subprime credit scores are declining across the country with strong declines in a few rebounding markets, according to Atlanta-based Equifax, a leading credit reporting agency. Designating credit scores below 620 as "subprime," Equifax found the number of subprime borrowers decreased 2.1 percent from the third quarter of 2011 to the third quarter of 2012. The 2.1 percent translates to about 1 million Americans who rose from the subprime category.

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