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Echoes of the Great Recession


Home lending in some areas of Cleveland Fed’s region has not yet fully recovered from the housing crisis. Here are the factors that are still impacting housing in this area.

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FOMC Hikes Interest Rates; Will Mortgage Rates Follow?

The Fed has voted for the second time this year to raise interest rates, a decision that was hinted at back in March by Janet Yellen, FOMC Board of Governors Chair. The FOMC is of the opinion that waiting too long to scale back accommodations could potentially cause a rapid increase in rates, which could disrupt the market and send the economy into another recession. It is currently unclear how the hike in interest rates will affect mortgage rates.

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Powell: Burden on Bank Boards Likely to Be Relaxed

Bank boards might see less directives from the Federal Reserve if Jerome Powell has his way. The Federal Reserve Governor would like to allow banks’ board of directors to spend more time worrying about management and less time on day to day tasks. He also acknowledges the industry’s frustration with the lack of transparency in the CCAR, and would like to amend it to make it more efficient and effective.

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Fed Removes ‘Patient’ Pledge after FOMC Meeting


Despite removing the “patient” policy, the Federal Open Market Committee remained steady on the belief that interest rates will not increase by their April meeting. Fed Chair Janet Yellen emphasized in a press conference following the meeting, the removal of the pledge doesn’t mean Fed rates will increase by June.

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