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Why the Shutdown Was a Big Deal for Housing

The Federal government is set to reopen after President Trump announced a deal that would end the longest shutdown in the country’s history. We look back at how it impacted housing and what reopening the government will mean for the industry.

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The Lingering Effect of Hurricane Maria

President Trump weighed in on a recent study on the deaths after Hurricane Maria. As the island works towards rebuilding its severely damaged housing stock, a year after the disaster, here’s what the study found and what the President had to say about it.

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500 Days: A Housing Industry Snapshot

500 days

Which rules and regulations have impacted the housing industry since the Trump administration came to power in January 2017? Click through to learn the impact of this administration’s legislation and nominations on the industry.

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Tax Reform Could Put Homeownership Out of Reach

According to a major industry organization, President Trump’s potential tax reform could make homeownership unaffordable for many Americans. The President’s plan would raise the threshold on the mortgage interest deduction, allowing only those with the heftiest home loans to take advantage of it. To date, the MI deduction has primarily benefited middle-class taxpayers. If reformed, it may cease to do that.

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Rumors Swirl Around FHA Nomination

President Donald Trump may be gearing up to nominated Brian Montgomery to head up the FHA. Currently the Vice Chairman of The Collingwood Group, Montgomery previously served as FHA Commissioner under President George W. Bush and President Obama. He also served as Asisstant Secretary for HUD and Deputy Assistant at the White House.

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The Pros and Cons of Trump’s Tax Plan on the Housing Market

Because of the need to establish this fiscal balance, the road to achieve Trump’s proposals will be long and rocky, and will require the hard work and cooperation of both sides of the aisle. This proposal has also raised many questions about what Trump’s plan would mean for the housing market. Due to the current lack of detail in his proposed outline, it is difficult to accurately predict the impact a tax system overhaul of this magnitude would have on the economy.

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Industry Reacts to HUD Deputy Secretary Nomination

President Trump nominated Pam Patenaude to be Deputy Secretary of Housing and Urban Development on Friday. Patenaude, currently President of the J. Ronald Terwilliger Foundation for America’s Families, has a long history in the industry. Executives from all ends of the spectrum have praised her nomination.

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