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Trump’s Impact on Banks

Approaching President Trump's 100th day in office, we took a look at how his administration has impacted the financial sector. From lending rates to bank stock prices, see in what directions the needle has moved in reaction to policy changes made by the president. We’ll also take a look at what impact Trump’s executive orders affecting Dodd-Frank is having on the market as well as how the housing industry may be impacted by a recent tariff on Canadian lumber.

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What Would a Government Shutdown do to Mortgages?

With the federal funding running out on Friday and a potential government shutdown looming, expect to see an impact on the mortgage industry. Access to tax documents and other government paperwork may prove difficult in the event of a shutdown. Furloughs at the IRS and Social Security can cause roadblocks in the application process.

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Critics Take Aim at Latest Trump Orders

Critics have begun to speak out after President Trump signed two executive orders calling for the review into “too big to fail” and a number of financial oversight entities. Some even fear it could signal another financial crisis is on the horizon. Trump’s orders specifically require a review of the Financial Stability Oversight Council and the Orderly Liquidation Authority.

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