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Surveying Today’s Lending Landscape

As lenders continue to navigate one of the trickiest economies to date, Sarah Davies of Nova Credit discusses the significant progress in pulling back the layers and reexamining its risk management practices.

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FHFA Credit Scoring and Competition

credit scoring

Does the FHFA’s credit-scoring model need an update? Critics of the current system argue that homeowner demographics are changing and that the FHFA needs to evolve to meet their needs.

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What Do Potential GSE Changes Mean for FICO?

The Federal Housing Finance Agency recently released a Request for Input seeking feedback about the possibility of changing the credit scores the GSEs requires lenders to use to evaluate borrowers. According to ...

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Survey Finds Consumer Credit Knowledge Lacking

Survey results released Monday show Americans—and Millennials especially—continue to have only a vague understanding of how their credit scores are calculated and used. Among other findings, fewer than half of Millennials seem to comprehend that age is not a factor in calculating credit scores, and less than two-thirds know that the three main credit bureaus collect the information on which their scores are based.

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