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Over $90 Million Worth of Reasons Veterans Day is Every Day

While government agencies and nonprofits are viewed as go-to, veteran-support solutions, a Carrolton, Texas-based corporation has become an example of private-sector, corporate engagement, offering a unique brand of ongoing support that shapes the trajectory of veterans' lives and, ultimately, the future of their families. 

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Industry Group Launches Diversity Effort

The mortgage industry has taken a big step toward diversification thanks to one its largest professional groups. On Wednesday, the Federation of REO Certified Experts—or FORCE, for short—announced the launch of its Diversity Council, a team dedicated to embracing and encouraging diversity in the REO, default servicing, and mortgage industries at large. The council will consist of six unique committees: Latino Professionals in FORCE, Asian Professionals in FORCE, Black Professionals in FORCE, Women Professionals in FORCE, LGBT Professionals in FORCE, and Veteran Professionals in FORCE.

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Taking Down Veteran Homelessness

Around 40,000 American veterans are homeless, and the country is starting to take notice. Lawmakers are crafting bills to spur change from the ground up, while organizations across the nation are hosting events to do their part. The Five Star Institute’s Military Heroes Keys for Life event is one such event.

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