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A Housing Market Update

The latest data on employment, Fannie Mae’s third-quarter results and Goldman Sachs’ mortgage settlement target are making the news. Here’s how these three seemingly disparate events are affecting the housing market.

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Top 10 States to Make a Living

Seattle home prices

These states have everything from high wages and low taxes to great employment opportunities and low cost of living. But a state with high median wages and one of the hottest housing markets topped this list. Which one was it?

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The Home Appreciation Trade-Off

A new study found that a typical U.S. homeowner is gaining just a little less than the federal minimum wage, in home equity every working hour. Is it then a good idea to sit back and collect substantial hourly home equity “earnings” instead of working from 9-5?

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Housing Affordability Suffers in Major Markets

According to Interest.com's 2014 Home Affordability Study, middle-income families can afford a median-priced home in fewer than half of the country's 25 largest metros as house prices and mortgage rates outpace wage growth. While home price gains have slowed to a more reasonable rate of 4 percent nationally over the past year, that increase is still well ahead of the 2 percent pickup in incomes.

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