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HUD Releases Plans for FY 2016 Budget

Included in the president's newest budget is $49.3 billion set aside for HUD, a $4 billion increase over last year. In a call with reporters, HUD Deputy Secretary Nani Coloretti explained that much of the budget will be used to undo some of the cuts made as the department experienced budget restraints as a result of sequestration.

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Obama Highlights Recovery in State of the Union

During his State of the Union address Tuesday evening, President Barack Obama did not make any substantial announcements regarding the housing market, government mortgage-backed securities, or the GSEs. However, "lower mortgage premiums" were mentioned, alongside "child care and sick leave and equal pay" as "ideas [that] will make a meaningful difference in the lives of millions of families."

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Analyst Reviews Housing’s Progress Under Obama

The president reported in his speech that the housing market has not come all the way back yet and there is still work to be done. But according to one analyst, the president may have overestimated how far the housing market has come back and the administration's role in the recovery.

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President Commends Regulators, Urges More

President Barack Obama met with financial regulators this week to commend them for progress made since the Dodd-Frank Act became law in 2010, the White House announced. The president also exhorted the regulators and participants in the meeting to "consider additional ways to prevent excessive risk-taking across the financial system."

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Senate Confirms Castro as HUD Chief

Less than two months after the San Antonio mayor's nomination for the post, the Senate voted Wednesday to confirm Julian Castro as HUD secretary as current cabinet member Shaun Donovan is poised to take over the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). The body voted 71-26 to confirm Castro, a Democrat whose star has been on the rise since he delivered the opening keynote at the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

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Confirmed: Obama Nominates Julián Castro for HUD Secretary

Following recent reports that the San Antonio mayor was being discussed to take over as HUD secretary, the White House has confirmed the nomination of Julián Castro for the position. Meanwhile, current HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan is headed to the White House Office of Management and Budget.

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Report: Obama to Tap San Antonio Mayor for HUD

President Obama is expected to choose San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro to replace Shaun Donovan as HUD secretary following Donovan's move to the Office of Management and Budget, according to a report from the New York Times. This is the second overture the White House has made to the San Antonio mayor.

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Commentary: A Response to the State of the Union Address

Instead of bringing America together and setting us forth on the path towards economic growth and prosperity, what President Obama did in his State of the Union address was offer of the same misguided, go-it-alone ideas we've heard before, as opposed to real job creation and economic growth. Rather than go through the same divisive rhetoric and "stale political arguments" Americans have grown tired of, let's agree to put politics aside and do what's best for everyone, not just the chosen few.

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Obama Silent on Housing in State of the Union

In his speech Tuesday night, the president only directly mentioned housing twice: first to describe the market as "rebounding" and again to demand from Congress "legislation that protects the taxpayers from footing the bill for a housing crisis ever again." While the second might be seen as a nod toward legislative movements to abolish Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the topic wasn't explored any further. Instead, much of Obama's focus went toward addressing wage stagnation.

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