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Undersupplied and Overheated

At the epicenter of the housing crisis was the underwater borrower, a by product of unrealistic price points and an over-heated housing market. Now, according to recent data, some market's are overheating once more.

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Million Dollar ZIPs

Increasing home prices aren’t a trend that just the middle and lower classes are experiencing—those in the million-dollar range are noticing, too. In fact, some of those that used to not have a million-dollar price tag now do.

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What Homeownership Really Costs

New data shows the average U.S. homeowner spends more than $9,000 in maintenance, repairs, and other assorted costs. The question is: are consumers factoring these expenses when homebuying?

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The Week Ahead: What’s the Generational Difference in Equity?

The current home market is one filled with heartache for the buyer. While home values are reaching or exceeding the peak values that were set during the housing bubble, inventory is falling rapidly—the fastest since 2013. Take a look at articles coming out on the housing market next week as well as what else is coming in the week ahead.

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Mortgage Payments Unaffordable in Most U.S. Markets

Today’s ever-increasing home prices have made their mark: Buying a home is now unaffordable in more than half of the nation’s biggest markets. And in California? The straits are even more dire. According new analysis, the median price of homes for sale is historically higher than average in the majority of America’s largest metros, meaning buyers need to devote a larger-than-expected share of income toward mortgage payments and, more significantly, down payments.

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