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Scott Morgan is a multi-award-winning journalist and editor based out of Texas. During his 11 years as a newspaper journalist, he wrote more than 4,000 published pieces. He's been recognized for his work since 2001, and his creative writing continues to win acclaim from readers and fellow writers alike. He is also a creative writing teacher and the author of several books, from short fiction to written works about writing.

Lay Down Your ARMs

With the LIBOR index is going away, U.S. consumers could face a future without adjustable-rate mortgages. So why would lenders write mortgages against an index that will soon not exist? They’re asking that question too.

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Job Growth is Strong, Wage Growth However…

The latest jobs report from the Department of Labor offers wildly exceeded expectations alongside disappointing compensation. Do solid employment numbers spell good times ahead? Or do sluggish wages mean trouble is looming? ///// Job growth is doing a lot better than expected. But sagging wage growth is not generating nearly the same optimism. Does the dynamic mean extended low inflation for the economy?

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Attention Homeowners: You Could Fix the Housing Shortage

for sale

Homeowners think it’s a great time to both buy and sell, however in the current housing shortage, when it comes to buying, renters tend to dissagree. If homeowners are so positive that it's a good time to sell, what's stopping them from putting their houses on the market?

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Home Prices Down in Nine Major Cities

A new report shows that not all major U.S. markets are basking in escalating home prices. Nine metros are actually seeing median prices drop. Metros in Texas and the South comprise all but two of those markets.

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Major Markets Pricing Out Middle-Class Buyers

A new study by Redfin shows that affordability for middle-class homebuyers has dropped noticeably in the past four years. African-American and Hispanic household earning median salaries are being hit especially hard. Last year, minority buyers could afford fewer than five percent of homes for sale in several markets.

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Rising Demand, Shrinking Inventory Fuel Median Price Growth

There are few more concrete examples of supply-and-demand economics in action than the housing market. A new report looking at April numbers shows a spike in demand and a corresponding spike in median prices. The B-side, of course, is that while demand rises, inventory shrinks, fueling the current sellers’ market.

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U.S. House Prices Up in Q1 and Year-Over-Year

Quarterly house prices were up for the 23rd time in a row, according to the FHFA’s Q1 House Price Index report. They were also up year-over-year for the 21st time in a row. But Q1’s rate of growth nationally was a lightweight compared to quarterly growth rates of the past few years.

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Fannie Expecting Q2 Rebound. Again.

After a slow first quarter, Fannie Mae expects Q2 to be strong. The GSE certainly has ample precedent to cling to in its predictions. If Fannie’s projections hold true, this will be the fourth consecutive time a Q2 rebound followed a bland Q1.

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Watt Calls GSEs ‘Not Sustainable,’ Urges Congressional Action

On Thursday, FHFA Director Melvin Watt told a senate committee that the future of the U.S. housing finance system is unsustainable as-is. He implored Congress to solve numerous tough questions involved in moving Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac out from under federal conservatorship. If not, taxpayers could be on the hook.

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