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Making Strides

Chris Bixby of Rice Park Capital Management offers some keys to accelerating proptech and real estate technology through venture capital.

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Debt as Diversification

Louis Amaya of PEMCO Capital Management explains how to bolster your margins via non-performing loans and real estate-owned assets as alternative asset anchors.

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Cracks in the Foundation?

MortgagePoint examines the impact of the recent bank failures on the mortgage space, with a cross-section of experts imparting their perspectives on how to avoid similar issues in the future.

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Surveying Today’s Lending Landscape

As lenders continue to navigate one of the trickiest economies to date, Sarah Davies of Nova Credit discusses the significant progress in pulling back the layers and reexamining its risk management practices.

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Homebuyers: Back in the Game?

With the market still hampered by high mortgage rates and tight supply, MReport asks a panel of experts if the spring/summer 2023 housing market will bring homebuyers back off the sidelines.

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Op-Ed: Respect the Black Dollar

Tai Christensen of Arrive Home explains why now is the time for the Black community to shift their spending and invest in the American dream of homeownership.

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