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CoreLogic Expands Collaboration With Ecopia

Housing InventoryCoreLogic, the California-headquartered global property analytics solutions provider, has announced an expanded integration of data products from Ecopia Tech Corporation, increasing its coverage of building footprints from 85+ million to 169+ million across the country.

According to CoreLogic, by ingesting Ecopia.AI’s building footprints, and associating its own property attributes to each footprint, the resulting Structure Footprint offering is the most comprehensive roof-top location intelligence solution available today.

The Structure Footprint product identifies not only the location and outline of relevant structures on a parcel, it also assigns known addresses associated with the structure, and includes universally unique structure identifications. The expanded integration of Ecopia U.S. Building Footprints means CoreLogic can now offer complete continental U.S. coverage paired with precise and detailed structure attributes such as gross square footage, land use, number of stories and year built; fueling enhanced risk assessment and granular location-based decision-making.

“We’re excited about the compelling opportunity this expanded collaboration with CoreLogic presents, which highlights our ability to mine vast amounts of geospatial imagery data to generate and update HD Vector Maps at a continental scale,” said Jon Lipinski, Co-Founder and President at Ecopia. “Ecopia.AI leverages proprietary artificial intelligence to extract and update highly-accurate building footprints from the most recent high-resolution satellite imagery of the continental U.S., as provided by DigitalGlobe (a Maxar company). CoreLogic is then ingesting Ecopia.AI’s building footprints and associating CoreLogic property attributes to each, resulting in a best-in-class property intelligence offering.”

“CoreLogic has long recognized the value of granular structure-level GIS data and has spent significant time and effort to ensure that we maintain the highest quality standards,” said Matt Karli, Senior Leader, Product Management, CoreLogic Insurance and Spatial Solutions. “Expanding our collaboration with Ecopia allows us to leverage the strengths of both organizations by combining high-quality footprint polygons with our existing structure attribute information. Through this increased coverage, we’re now poised to provide even more value to our clients by continuing to increase the number, depth, and quality of structure details available.”

For additional granularity, Structure Footprint data can be combined with other CoreLogic Location Information products, such as ParcelPoint and SpatialRecord. Structure Footprint is also available within RiskMeter and the PxPoint Geocoder.

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