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Fannie Mae Approves Equity Loans for Whole Loan Execution

""Equity Loans"":http://www.equityloans.com/20/home.htm, a residential mortgage industry leader based in Atlanta, Georgia, announced that after a series of tests regarding its staffing, processes, experience, and organization, it has received Fannie Mae's approval as a seller and servicer of one-to-four family first lien mortgages for whole loan execution.


The approval adds to Equity Loans' extensive list of industry certifications and memberships, including: Better Business Bureau Accreditation; Community Mortgage Lenders of America; Lenders One; Mortgage Bankers Association; and the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association.

""Equity Loans has one of the most diverse portfolios of loan products in the residential mortgage industry, and the ability to sell whole loans to Fannie Mae gives us a greater opportunity to help even more borrowers achieve their dreams of homeownership,"" said Equity Loans CEO Kunjan Patel. ""We're looking forward to a successful and long-standing relationship with Fannie Mae.""


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