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Survey: More Women Aspire to Homeownership

""TD Bank"":http://www.tdbank.com/ is capturing the consumer perspective on the American Dream of homeownership, recently releasing the results of its Home Buyer Poll.

Among TD Bank's most significant findings - statistics showing that women are nearly 10 percent more likely to aspire to purchase property than men.


According to TD Bank's survey, 64 percent of women believe that homeownership is ""essential in defining the American Dream,"" and 66 percent of females who are currently renting intend to own a home in the future.

Meanwhile, mens' responses to the same inquiries revealed that only 52 percent see homeownership as ""essential,"" with just 57 percent of male renters stating that they planned to own a home later in life.


The study, which included more than 1,300 consumers around the country, also showed that women hold the idea of the American Dream in high regard in all areas of their lives.

Though homeownership ranked first among factors that they felt defined the concept, with 92 percent citing buying a home as the primary accomplishment in feeling they'd achieved the American Dream, a stable career and having a family were also critical components for women, and respondents ranked those accomplishments a close second (84 percent) and third (81 percent), respectively.

Additionally, women who had already purchased a home felt positively about their decision, with 93 percent stating that they ""did not regret"" buying their first home.

As for what would motivate them to move up and purchase a larger, more expensive home, 47 percent cited a growing family as the key catalyst.

""As the home buying market continues to stabilize our survey tells us that Americans, and women in particular, are looking to buy homes,"" said Michael Copley, executive vice president of retail lending for TD Bank. ""At TD Bank, we believe buying a home is a significant milestone in anyone's life.

""As women manage career, family and home, TD Bank is committed to helping our customers achieve their American Dream through homeownership with legendary service and array of mortgage products that can meet the needs of a first time homebuyer with limited cash or an experienced homeowner,"" concluded Copley.

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