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Housing Migration’s Effect on Polling Data

Early in the pandemic, many made the decision to leave urban centers in favor of the suburbs and beyond. But according to Redfin, those who moved took not only their belongings but also their voting preferences too, turning some counties from red or blue to purple.

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Dispelling the Myths of DIY Valuations

Todd Rasmussen, President and COO of Equity Valuation Partners, discusses how lenders and financial institutions can sometimes perform their own valuations of home loans on their books.

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Former Freddie Mac Boss Discusses the Future of the GSEs

“It turns out that the core of the GSE business model—which protects the availability of the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage for the typical American homeowner—was really quite effective within the complex system of U.S. housing finance and unexpectedly hard to replace,” said Don Layton, former CEO of Freddie Mac, in a new op-ed.

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