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Is the Bubble About to Burst?

For the fifth month in a row, home prices have set a national record—and with high demand and strapped inventory, that trend’s likely here to stay. But does it mean another crash is on the horizon? Analysis released today may have the answer.

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What Can Lenders Do to Stand Out?

As refinance activity declines and housing prices keep rising, lenders are clamoring to attract what few purchase buyers are still out there. But they’ll need to up their game in order to stand out from the pack. What’s the best way to do that? A new report released on Monday has the answer.

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Could the Market Be Cooling Off?

It seems the nation’s white-hot seller’s market may be starting to cool off—at least if a recent analysis is accurate. San Francisco, New York City, Miami, and other major cities are all showing subtle signs of slowing down, but does it spell the end of the seller’s market? And more importantly, will it become a nationwide trend? Only time will tell.

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Where are Home Prices Rising Most?

U.S. home prices made quite a jump over the last year, according to recent data. However, the price increases are highly dependent on geography, with some regions experiencing minimal upticks—or even declines—and others seeing more significant jumps in recent years. So where are prices rising most? And which regions offer the more stable housing costs?

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Multifamily Homeowners: Brace For Impact

Renters are finally setting their sights on homeownership, according to an analysis released on Thursday. In Q1 of 2017, the share of home shoppers who were either non-homeowners or renters rose markedly over years past. Will the trend continue? And what does it mean for lenders and multi-family property investors?

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