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Median Home Sales Price Hits $415K Nationwide in September

Real Estate Agent Meghan Carroll says, "Inventory levels are also still low, which is keeping the prices higher and making bidding wars commonplace here. So, it can be tough out there for some buyers–especially young, first-time buyers." Click through to read the full September 2023 Housing Report from RE/MAX.

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Buyers Sidelined by Affordability Remain Optimistic

"We've seen historic competition in housing over the last two years. As the market begins to rebalance, homebuyers and sellers remain focused on the goal of homeownership despite the ongoing fluctuations," said Nick Bailey, President and CEO of RE/MAX, LLC.

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Single‐Family Home Sales Slip Nearly 20% YoY

With fixed-rate mortgages up nearly 195 basis points since mid-summer lows, new single-family homes tumbled in September, with more homeowners opting to remain in their current homes amid the erratic rate environment.

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Inventory Levels Creep Upwards

"After a sustained period of quick sales that kept the housing cupboard relatively bare, a supply of two months presents a lot more options for homebuyers," said Nick Bailey, RE/MAX President and CEO.

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