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The GSE Reform “Misconception”

The Treasury Department and other regulators are building a plan to release the GSE's from conservatorship, but what do these experts say is missing from the plan?

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The Week Ahead: Reforming Fannie and Freddie

On Tuesday, the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs hold a hearing on GSE Reform, following the recent announcemtn from the Treasury Department. Here's what else is happening in the Week Ahead.

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Proposal Details Possible GSE Reform Plan

A key industry organization has released a white paper outlining a GSE reform plan. The paper details how the reform should occur, how to handle the transition, and the secondary market’s role in it all. The organization hopes to work with legislators on creating a bipartisan reform plan.

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Is Change on the Horizon for the CFPB?


A couple of major proposals have emerged in the last month to reform the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and some recent incidents indicate that the industry may be ready for a change.

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