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Top 5 Housing Predictions for 2018

Leaving behind a tumultuous year that included a strong seller’s market, chronic inventory shortages, and a rash of natural disasters, it’s time to look ahead and ask what 2018 has in store for the mortgage and servicing industry.

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Could the Market Be Cooling Off?

It seems the nation’s white-hot seller’s market may be starting to cool off—at least if a recent analysis is accurate. San Francisco, New York City, Miami, and other major cities are all showing subtle signs of slowing down, but does it spell the end of the seller’s market? And more importantly, will it become a nationwide trend? Only time will tell.

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Homebuying Sentiments Vary by Local Density

New survey results show urban, rural, and suburban American homebuyers have “drastically different” profiles. Aside from agreeing on the importance of homeownership, the three groups vary greatly on most homebuying-related topics. The biggest differences lie with the urban buyer, who is younger, more transient, more likely to be an immigrant, and has a bigger budget. The average urban buyer is just 38 years old—nearly a full decade younger than the average suburban and rural buyer.

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Rural, Urban or Suburban: Who Wants to Buy More?

Despite talk of the rural-urban divide, new data shows that Americans seem to share the same sentiments about homeownership regardless of their location. In a recent survey, residents in rural, suburban, and urban areas all shared largely similar thoughts on homeownership and its role in the American Dream. The only place the three groups diverged was in the intended length of stay; only 35 percent of urban buyers plan to stay seven years or more.

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