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The Mystery of Overdraft Fees

Overdraft and NSF fees are still hitting consumer’s bank accounts, to their surprise, every year to the tune of billions of dollars according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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Affordability at a Tipping Point?

"The good news is that home affordability has stopped getting tougher around the U.S., at least for the moment. The bad news is that owning a home remains more of a financial stretch than it's been for many years," said Rob Barber, CEO for ATTOM Data.

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Low Inventory, High Demand Boosts Home Prices

“While the uptick in new listings is good news for home shoppers, inventory remains persistently low, even with record-high mortgage rates putting a damper on demand," said Danielle Hale, Chief Economist for Realtor.com.

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Breaking Down Pre-Summer Mortgage Performance

Molly Boesel, Principal Economist for CoreLogic, noted, “While early delinquencies for 2022 mortgage originations are about the same rate as those in other rising interest-rate environments, loans with low down payments are exhibiting comparably higher-than-usual early delinquencies.”

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