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Examining the Gaps in Loan Application Denials

While it may be harder for some people to get a loan approved than others, a research looked at the correlation between loan denials and diverse groups of people. Turns out, the gap isn't as much when looked at from the point of view of creditworthiness.

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Providing a Complete Lending Experience

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Here’s why it is important for lenders to provide a holistic lending experience, not only during the loan application process, but also days or weeks after borrowers submit their loan applications.

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Just How Available Is Mortgage Credit?

Mortgage credit access is expanding, but the data sometimes gives a misleading picture of who’s getting mortgages and from where. Here’s what a report focusing on mortgage denial rates found.

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Mortgage Apps Move Upwards

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After two weeks of decline, loan applications are rising as mortgage rates remain steady. Here’s a breakdown of how various mortgage apps have performed.

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