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The Impact of Student Debt on Housing

J.P. Morgan Chase reports that student debt has doubled in the past 10 years to $1.5 trillion in 2018—second only to mortgage debt—and impacts 45 million borrowers.  “Although ...

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More Boomers Refinancing, Taking Out Student Loans

New data shows that Baby Boomers may be just as saddled with student loan debt as millennials—maybe even more. Between 2005 and 2015, people aged 60 or older saw their student debt increase eight times, while debt for those under 30 increased just twice. Many Boomers are taking out loans and refinancing their homes to either return to school or help their children and grandchildren with college tuition.

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Fannie Mae Tackles Student Debt Problem

Fannie Mae is now offering three solutions for borrowers with student loan debt. They will allow borrowers to exclude student debt in their debt-to-income ratio, let lenders accept student loan payments on credit reports, and allow borrowers to refinance in order to pay down student debts. Student loan debt is one of the biggest barries to homeownership today.

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Mortgage Borrowing Dampened by Student Loan Debt

So how adversely does student debt affect consumers' ability to get a mortgage loan? A report from the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland released Monday showed that as the percentage of younger consumers with student loan debt rose over the last ten years, those with a mortgage declined.

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