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Mortgage Deduction Possibility Causes Uncertainty

In December 2016, then incoming Treasury Secretary Mnuchin boldly stated the Trump administration would employ the “largest tax change since Reagan.” However, that change could come with significant adjustments to the mortgage interest deduction, something that sparks mixed emotions across the country.

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And the Verdict is?

Ten-X held a live webinar on Tuesday with EVP Rick Sharga to discuss his views on the state of the economy in this 2017 mid-year housing update.

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Existing-Home Sales Up, Albeit Slowly

The U.S. housing market remains on solid footing despite facing broader economic headwinds following a disappointing May jobs report, slowing U.S. GDP growth, and uncertainty in global markets, according to Ten-X.

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No Turning Back for Existing-Home Sales

Despite the unfavorable odds including inventory shortages, continued home price appreciation, and stagnant household income growth, existing-home sales continue to emerge triumphant, and that odd-defying trend is expected to continue.

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