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Using Mortgage Reserves to Help Narrow the Black-White Homeownership Gap

New research from FHLBank San Francisco and the Urban Institute investigates ways to reduce mortgage default risk by utilizing mortgage reserve accounts that could help homeowners overcome temporary hardships, which would mainly benefit Black families, who are more than twice as likely as white families to lose their home to foreclosure.

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Advancing Latino Homeownership and Housing Stability

Latino homeownership lagged 22 percentage points behind white homeownership in 2021 and experienced significantly higher mortgage denial rates than their white counterparts, according to Fannie Mae’s new Latino Housing Journey. Click through for more on the disparities Latino households face and policy solutions that could increase homeownership opportunities.

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Homeownership Gender Gaps Persist

Although women make up a higher share of college graduates, single female household heads still have substantially lower incomes and are more likely to raise children than single male household heads.

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Op-Ed: Respect the Black Dollar

Tai Christensen of Arrive Home explains why now is the time for the Black community to shift their spending and invest in the American dream of homeownership.

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